Cold Brew Tea or Hot Brew Tea: Which One Is Better?

Cold Brew Tea or Hot Brew Tea: Which One Is Better?

The traditional way of brewing tea is to brew with hot water. But in recent years, a new brewing method called cold brew tea has gradually become more and more popular. The most important feature of this method is that cold water is used to brew the tea leaves, overturning the original tradition of brewing tea with hot water.


The advantage of cold brew tea is that tea can be brewed anytime and anywhere, whether it is a business trip, or outdoor activities. As long as you bring a bottle of mineral water, you can brew a cup of delicious tea. Therefore, compared to hot water brewing tea, how about cold brewed tea? Will there be any harm?


The three advantages of cold brew tea


First of all, the application of cold brew tea is much wider. The traditional brewing method,it must have hot water. However, in many times, it is not possible to provide hot water. Drinking a cup of hot tea is a luxury. But the emergence of the cold brew tea has overturned this tradition. If there is mineral water, you can brew a nice and healthy cup of tea. Whether you are traveling outdoors or on a drive, you can drink cold brew tea, which is simple and convenient.


Secondly, the bitterness of cold brew tea is minimal. When brewing with hot water, the alkali substances in the tea leaves will be released quickly. Then the tea leaves will have bitter and astringent taste, especially the coarse tea leaves. But brewing with cold water can reduce the release of tea tannins, so it doesn’t contain obvious bitterness and astringency. The taste is more delicate and soft. There is a different kind of drinking experience. At the same time, cold brewed tea for stomach has a stimulation effect, which is good for the body.


In addition, cold brew tea is more nutritious. Take green tea as an example, if brewed with hot water, usually within the first 15 seconds, more than 90% of the nutrients will be released. And the tea is brewed two or three times, the nutrients are basically lost and the taste is greatly reduced. But cold brew tea can slow down the nutrient precipitation, inhibit theophylline and protect our health.


The four disadvantages of cold brew tea


The vast majority of tea drinkers aren’t accustomed to drinking cold brew tea. Cold brew tea has only become popular in the last few years. For many young tea drinkers, they will try this new way of drinking tea. But for tea lovers, they are still keen on hot brew tea and are not willing to drink cold water. The habit of drinking hot tea is so deeply rooted in their tea drinking philosophy that it is impossible to change.


Cold brew tea can not appreciate the subtleties of good tea. Although cold brew tea can give some unique experience, you can’t enjoy the value of the famous green tea leaves or other types of tea. If you brew 20 plus- year- old puer tea with cold water, it is a disaster. If you brew a Ming Dynasty premium tea with cold water, it is really unthinkable. These good teas must be brewed with hot water and then you can enjoy the greatest pleasure.



Cold brew tea can not really prevent the heat. Many people say that drinking herbal tea or cold brew tea can quickly cool down and play a role in preventing the heat and cooling. But in summer, pores expand, if you drink cold tea, the body's pores will quickly close, the heat are shrunk in the body and can not be eliminated from the body. In fact, drinking hot tea can let the heat out of the body, eventually play a cooling effect. What’s more, in summer, drinking cold brewed tea may also cause heavier moisture, and the body has a bad effect.


To be honest, cold brew tea is a marketing method. In China, people prefer to the hot brew tea. Cold brewed tea as a fresh way is appreciated by consumers. But in reality, this way is hardly long lasting. As long as people who really like to drink original loose leaf tea, they will eventually purse the flavor of the hot brew tea. Because brewing with hot water is the only way to reflect the beauty of the tea leaves.


In a word, whether it is cold brew tea or hot brewed tea, as long as someone likes it, there is a reason for its existence. After all, some young people prefer the sweet taste of cold brew tea.


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