Four Best Teas for Upset Stomach

Four Best Teas for Upset Stomach

Nowadays, people has many stresses. Although eating and drinking is not a worry, there are still many people suffer from stomach disease because of work, diet irregularities. Many people say that don’t drink tea if your stomach is not good. In fact, it is wrong. Upset stomach can drink tea, of course, you should find the right tea. The right tea not only will not make stomach patients feel sick, but also make them drink more and more healthy. What kind of tea is suitable for people with a bad stomach?


Black tea


Black tea is fully fermented tea. Although the polyphenol content of tea is less, the stimulation is weak, more gentle and mild after the "maturation" process. It’s suitable for evening drinking. For people with a weak spleen and stomach, drinking black tea with some milk can play a certain role in warming the stomach.


Clove tea


Clove tea seems to be the newest gastric tea. Many people do not understand the gastric effect of clove tea. In fact, as long as you study the relevant knowledge about clove, you will find that the habit of drinking clove tea for the stomach has a long history. Ancient court women often drink clove tea to remove bad breath. Halitosis caused by gastrointestinal discomfort, and drinking clove tea is particularly useful.


Clove tea is warm and has the effect of warming and nourishing the stomach. Drinking clove tea frequently can relieve abdominal flatulence, enhance digestion, reduce nausea and vomiting. It is recommended that people with a bad stomach brew 3 - 10g of clove tea every day. You can drink it before and after meals. The more times you drink, the better the stomach is.


Barley tea


Barley fried and then soaked in water.Drinking tea every day can play a role in nourishing the stomach. Barley tea on the nourishment of deficiency and tonic labor, digestive grains, stopping diarrhea and indigestion are very effective.


It is suitable for people with weak stomach and indigestion; liver disease, loss of appetite, full stomach and abdominal distension after injury and women with breast distension and pain when returning to the breast are suitable to eat barley malt.


Because barley malt can return to the breast or reduce milk secretion, women during pregnancy and lactation avoid eating.


Pu-erh Tea


If you have the habit of drinking tea, you can drink more pu-erh tea. Pu-erh ripe tea has the function of warming the stomach. In addition to pu-erh, black tea is also a good choice. After fermentation, the stimulation of the stomach reduce. If the stomach cold serious, you can also add a piece of ginger down with the bubble. In addition, women can also add some roses and osmanthus in order to enhance the flavoring.


If you have the patience, you can also make safe and healthy milk tea by yourself. Adding milk, sugar and other auxiliary ingredients, it not only to meet the needs of the taste buds, but also to own anti-inflammatory effect and protective effect of the gastric mucosa.


In a word, drinking the right tea can help you nourish the stomach. Non caffeinated tea provides a healthy effect for people’s body.

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