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Customized tea subscription box, curated worldwide tea

Customized tea subscription box, curated worldwide tea

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Your tea subscription box includes:

  1. Your tea box includes two packs of tea in first month and four packs of new tea in the following months.
  2. An exquisite card that introduces our tea.
  3. 8 tea bags which you can put loose leaf tea in it.

The special tea is discovered and tasted by tea lovers for customers. They are from all over the world and you can taste the different flavor. It's very perfect as a tea gift set.


Different issues of the subscription boxes own different teas, including herbal tea, fruit tea, decaffeinated tea,etc.

Steeped definition

Add 1-2 teaspoons of tea to boiling temperature water. Steep tea for 5-7 minutes. For best flavor, use filtered water (water can really affect the taste of the tea if it is not filtered). 


We will deliver the tea box within 7 days after you order.

Return policy

If there are something wrong about products, you can contact us We will deliver a new for you. What's more, you can cancel subscription if you don't want to reorder.

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Depvd is a shop that only sells tea subscription box. We spent three years choosing and tasting the worldwide tea. Then we chose the premium tea and provided different flavor for tea lovers. We have found teas such as pu-erh from Yunnan, China, black tea from the snowy Himalayas of eastern Nepal, sencha from Shizuoka, Japan, and black tea from Ceylon, Sri Lanka. About one and a half years ago, depvd was set up.

Tea has many merits, such as losing weight, relieving fatigue, decreasing the risk of cancers, etc,. You can drink tea or make cold brew tea and enjoy some desserts at the quiet afternoon, which will make you relax and pleasant. Tea for anxiety has a good benefits, too. Of course, drinking a cup of tea after eating some high-oiled food can help you burn the fat and protect your stomach. Eventually, help you lose weight.

Our tea is chosen in some places which owns pleasant and feasible temperate, water, soil and sunshine for planting tea. So the tea is aromatic and tasty. The quality is also premium and distinctive. You can taste the exotic flavor. We curated the Nepal High Mountain Black Tea - Guranse Tea Estate Black Tea, sweet taste with flower-like aroma, the tea garden is organic tea garden through the German TUV agency certification, Canada IMO organic certification, NASAA Australia organic certification, under the strict quality control of the production of quality organic black tea.  

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